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April 2, 2015

MS Candidate Anca Ostace - "Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Inertia on the Hydrodynamic Interaction of Microorganisms"

Essential to the dynamics of semi-dilute and dense suspensions, the pair-wise hydrodynamic interactions between swimming microorganisms has been analyzed in several studies in the recent past. However, most studies have focused on the viscous regime, in the absence of inertia. We examine the e ects of inertia on the interaction of a pair of model microorganisms in the small to intermediate Reynolds number regime, by means of direct numerical simulations.

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April 7, 2015

C B & I: How Leadership and Core Values Fuel Our Growth

CB&I’s dramatic growth has propelled the company into the most complete energy infrastructure focused company in the world. With 125 years of experience and the expertise of approximately 54,000 employees, CB&I provides reliable and unique solutions across the full spectrum of energy infrastructure. At the center of how CB&I does business are our strong leadership and our core values of safety, ethics and teamwork: Safety: “Nobody gets hurt” is not just a saying – it’s how we create a culture of safety. Ethics: It’s about treating all people with respect, compassion and dignity; empowering our employees and about holding ourselves to the highest possible standard – our employees and customers count on it. Teamwork: The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people pull together as a team. Our success stems from our people. Whether it's a Global Day of Caring to give back locally worldwide, or collaborating across business units to create a unique solution, together our employees make all the difference. CB&I’s people have been the source of our innovation and success for 125 years – they are our leaders. Their expertise, experience and commitment are CB&I’s legacy and highlight what our future has to offer. At CB&I we empower all of our talent to be leaders, and as we develop our people, we grow.

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