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Faculty Research in AME

Below is a listing of current AME faculty and their linked research interests.
Listed alphabetically by last name

Arezoo Ardekani
Fluid Mechanics, Multiphase Flows, Complex Fluids.
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Hafiz Atassi
Aerodynamics; Aeroelasticity; Aeroacoustics and Noise Control; Hydrodynamics; Turbo-Machinery; Unsteady Flow; Applied Mathematics; Numerical Analysis.
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Hsueh-Chia Chang
Micro/Nanofluidics and Transport; Electrokinetics; Molecular Diagnostics.
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Thomas Corke
Fluid Instabilities and Transition to Turbulence; Control of Turbulent Boundary Layers; Flow Visualization Techniques and Flow Control; Computational Fluid Dynamics.
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Patrick Dunn
In-Flight Nano and Micro-Droplet Production and Interaction; Internal Flow Cavitation;Microparticle Adhesion to Surfaces in Electric Fields.
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David Go
Chemical Analysis; Aerosol Dynamics; Thermal-Fluid MEMS/NEMS.
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J. William Goodwine
Nonlinear Control Theory.
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Stanislav Gordeyev
Aero-Optical Properties of Transonic Boundary Layers and Shear Layers.
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David Hoelzle
Control Systems, Iterative Learning Control, Additive Manufacturing, Tissue Engineering, Mechatronic Design, Microfluidic Devices, Microelectromechanical Systems, Cell Mechanics and Biomedical Applications.
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Frank Incropera
Assessment of Energy Technologies and Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future.

Eric Jumper
Sub and Supersonic, Steady and Unsteady Aerodynamics; Hypersonics; Real Gas Phenomena; Plasma Dynamics and Laser Physics; Fluid Mechanic; Transport Phenomena and Mixing; Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reaction; Kinetics and Surface Catalysis; Aero-Optical Phenomena.
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Karel Matous
Computational Mechanics and Physics, Computational Science and Engineering; Multi-scale/Multi-time/Multi-physics Modeling of Complex Heterogeneous Systems; High-performance Parallel Computing; Experimental and Numerical Microtomography Based Modeling of Materials.
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Scott Morris
Experimental Fluid Mechanics; High Reynolds Number Flows; Vorticity Dynamics; Turbulence Measurement and Theory; Turbomachinery Flows, Aeroacoustics.
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Robert Nelson
Aerodynamics; Fluid Mechanics; Aircraft Stability and Control.
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Glen Niebur
Biomechanics; Solid Mechanics; Computational Mechanics.
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Timothy Ovaert
Tribology; Materials Characterization; Design and Manufacturing.
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Samuel Paolucci
Computational Modeling Using Wavelets; Properties of Nanofluids; Micromorphic Multiphase Mixers; Model Reduction in Homogeneous Reactive Flows; Adaptive Model Reduction.
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Joseph Powers
Fluid Mechanics; Gas Dynamics; Two-Phase Flow; Detonation and Combustion Theory; Numerical Methods; Applied Mathematics.
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R. Mark Rennie
Aero-Optics; Flow Control; Wind Tunnel Design and Testing.
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Ryan Roeder
Biomaterials; Biomechanics; Materials Science; Mechanical Behavior.
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Steven Schmid
Tribology Applied to Manufacturing Processes; Orthopedic.
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James Schmiedeler
Machine Design; Kinematics and Dynamics; Robotics.
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Mihir Sen
Complex Systems; Intelligent Systems; Energy Applications; Chaos; Hydrodynamics of Electron Flow in Semiconductors; Biofluids and Bioheat Transfer; Micro-Scale Dynamics and Heat Transfer.
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Michael Stanisic
Mechanism and Machine Theory and Design; Mechanism Synthesis; Design of Dextrous Manipulators; Design of Humanoids; Design of Electromechanical Human Protheses.
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Philippe Sucosky
Biofluid Mechanics; Cardiovascular Mechanobiology; Biomedical Device Design and Development.
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Flint Thomas
Experimental Fluid Dynamics/Aerodynamics; Turbulent Shear Flows; Flow Stability and Transition; Compressible Shear Layers; Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques; Flow Control.
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Gretar Tryggvason
Multiphase and Free Surface Flows; Phase Changes, including Boiling and Solidification; Vortex Flows and Combustion; Numerical Methods.
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Diane Wagner
Biomechanics; Bioengineering, Solid Mechanics.
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Meng Wang
Fluid Mechanics.