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Advisory Groups and Committees

Industrial Advisory Group

Currently this consists of the following members:

  • Dr. Jack Barter, GE Global Research Center
  • Mr. Stephen Bartoli, DaimlerChrysler
  • Mr. William Bastedo, Jr., Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
  • Ms. Audrey Beckman, Zimmer Institute
  • Dr. Paul M. Bevilaqua, Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Corporation
  • Mr. Thomas Brisken, GE Aviation
  • Mr. Robert Chou, Louisville, KY
  • Mr. Jose Eguiguren, Ricardo Inc.
  • Dr. Fred Galanga, Sverdrup Technology
  • Mr. Joseph Grace, Chrysler Corporation
  • Dr. Todd Johnson, Zimmer Inc.
  • Major General (ret) Robert Latiff
  • Mr. Thomas A. Mastaler, DeWalt Industrial Tool Co.
  • Mr. Todd R. Taylor, EDS
  • Mr. Ronald Voglewede, Whirlpool Corporation

Meetings are held every year with this group.

Student Advisory Committee

This meets periodically with the Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies throughout the academic year to discuss issues regarding undergraduate education in the department. Students can contact any member of the committee if they have an issue or concern that they would like discussed.

  • Nick Grasberger, Junior AE
  • John Gallagher, Senior ME
  • Nicholas Geraci, Senior AE
  • Matt McDowell, Senior AE
  • Victoria McCarthy, Junior AE
  • Jeff O'Brien, Junior ME
  • Rebecca Sees, Junior ME

Curriculum Committees

Aerospace Engineering

  • Dr. Eric Jumper
  • Dr. Scott Morris
  • Dr. Meng Wang

Mechanical Engineering

  • Dr. Glen Niebur
  • Dr. James Schmiedeler
  • Dr. Michael Stanisic