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PhD Candidate Megan McGann - "Wear Characteristics And Crosslinked Properties Of Articular Cartilage"
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PhD Candidate Travis L. Turnbull - "The Spatial Distribution of Fatigue Microdamage Accumulation in Cortical Bone and Factors Influencing Fracture Risk"
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PhD Candidate Dustin G. Coleman - "Towards a Low-Order Dynamic Stall Model Using a Parametric Proper Orthogonal Decomposition"
Measured unsteady surface pressures, which are a function of both space and time, of a harmonically pitching airfoil are expressed in terms of a parametric proper orthogonal decomposition (PPOD) in order to obtain an optimum (in the mean-square sense) modal representation. This decomposition is formulated in such a way that the resulting spatial modes act optimally over the entirety of a parameter space defined by the airfoil pitching motion characteristics, i.e. for attached flow pitching, light stall, and deep stall.
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PhD Candidate Adam E. Smith - "Evaluation of Passive Boundary Layer Flow Control Techniques for Aero-Optic Mitigation"
The effect of two passive boundary layer flow control techniques, Large-Eddy Break-Up (LEBU) devices and wall heating/cooling, on turbulent boundary layer induced aero-optical aberrations is experimentally investigated. A series of experiments is performed investigating the effect of LEBUs on levels of optical aberrations in the turbulent boundary layer.
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PhD Candidate Michael W. Kennedy - "Enhanced Biofeedback in Balance Rehabilitation of Neurotrauma Patients Using Inexpensive Gaming Peripherals"
Balance retraining is a critical part of rehabilitation for many individuals following neurotrauma such as stroke. This work focuses on implementation of visual feedback in balance therapy with the ultimate goal of improving the efficacy of clinical balance rehabilitation. Using the custom-built WeHab balance rehabilitation software tool, this work examines strategies for implementing visual feedback in terms of how balance information is transformed and displayed, as well as interpretation of balance information based on mediolateral weight shifting. By focusing on gaming peripherals such as the Nintendo® Wii Balance Board, which are inexpensive and widely available, this work has the potential to enable visual feedback for balance therapy in both clinical and home settings.
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PhD Candidate Brian W. Neiswander - "Electron Density Measurements for Plasma Adaptive Optics"
Over the past 40 years, there has been growing interest in both laser communications and directed energy weapons that operate from moving aircraft. As a laser beam propagates from an aircraft in flight, it passes through boundary layers, turbulence, and shear layers in the near-region of the aircraft. These fluid instabilities cause strong density gradients which adversely affect the transmission of laser energy to a target. Adaptive optics provides corrective measures for this problem but current technology cannot respond quickly enough to be useful for high speed flight conditions. This research investigated the use of plasma as a medium for adaptive optics for aero-optics applications.
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PhD Candidate Mark H. Ross - "Tip Clearance Flow Interaction with Circumferential Groove Casing Treatment in a Transonic Axial Compressor"
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PhD Candidate Nathaniel R. Bristow - "Turbulent Flow Structure Associated With Interacting, Laterally Offset Barchan Dunes"
Barchan dunes are three-dimensional, crescent-shaped bedforms which, as they migrate in the direction of the overlying wind or water flow, interact with their neighboring bedforms. Smaller, faster migrating barchans will overtake and collide with larger, slower moving ones, resulting in complex morphological changes and enhanced sediment erosion. The primary aim of this study is to elucidate the associated turbulent flow structure which is hypothesized to drive the morphodynamics of such barchan–barchan interactions.
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PhD Candidate Craig M. Bonitsky - "Wear and Friction Characteristics and Crosslinked Properties of Genipin and Photochemical Crosslinked Articular Cartilage"
Cartilage disease and injury are major public health problems that affect millions of individuals of all ages. However, there are few current treatments to prevent or slow the progression of disease. While not the only factors, mechanical wear and biochemical degradation of the cartilage surface are major contributors to the progression of joint disease.
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PhD Candidate Joshua D. Szczudlak - "Spanwise Transport of Total Enthalpy Through a Turbine Nozzle"
Flow exiting the combustor a gas turbine engine is highly turbulent and contains significant spatial gradients of pressure and temperature. The high pressure turbine vanes operating in this environment redistribute these spatial gradients and impact the inflow characteristics of the turbine rotor blades. The efficacy of the turbine design is predicated on the knowledge of this redistribution process.
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