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Workshop on Optical Properties of Plasma

Start: 6/26/2013 at 8:00AM
End: 6/27/2013 at 1:30PM
Location: McKenna Hall
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This DARPA funded workshop, scheduled for June 26-27, 2013,, explores the refractive properties of ionized gases as an adaptive optics element, which is intended to replace such approaches as mechanical deformable mirrors that are slower, more fragile, and more expensive. The applications of plasma range from airborne laser communications to bio-medical. Attendees will include industry, government agencies, universities, and Notre Dame faculty and staff.


Opening: June 26

8:00        Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:45        Opening Remarks, Tom Corke, University of Notre Dame

Session 1: Motivation and Background
9:00        Airborne adaptive optics", Alice Nightingale, University of Notre Dame
9:25        Adaptive-optic beam control: applications, state-of-the-art &      
               perspective", Dan Dun, Northrop Grumman
9:50        Plasma Adaptive Optics", Brian Neiswander

10:15 Refreshment Break

Session 2: Diagnostic Measurements I
10:30        Phase sensitive FTIR for the mid-infrared characterization of 
                  plasmas", Scott Howard, University of Notre Dame
10:55         Properties and dynamics of microplasmas at high density", David   
                  Staack, Texas A&M University
11:20         Diagnostics and application of atmospheric microplasmas", Michael
                 Keidar, George Washington University
11:45        Backward propogating 745 nm and 845 nm air lasers for aero-optical 
                 correction", Richard Miles, Princeton University

12:10       Break for Lunch

Session 3: Diagnostic Measurements II
1:00        Diagnostics of electron and plasma sources", David Smith, General 
1:25        Noninvasive, real-time measurements of plasma parameters via 
               optical emission spectroscopy", Amy Wendt, University of Wisconsin
1:50        Quantitative Gas Property Measurement in a Supersonic Combustor 
              using Short-Gated Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy" Hyungrok 
              Do, University of Notre Dame
2:15       Measuring Densities of Multi-Filament and Irregularly-Shaped Plasmas 
              Using Single-Shot Spectrally-Multiplexed Tomography", Nicholas 
              Matlis, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

2:45       Discussion

4:15       Lab Tours with Plasma Optics Demo

5:15       Open

6:30       Group Dinner

Opening: June 27

7:00        Continental Breakfast

Session 4: Modeling
8:00        Use of nanosecond pulse ionization wave discharges for sustaining 
                volume- lling and near-surface plasmas", Igor Adamovich, Ohio State 
8:25         Intense and highly energetic atmospheric pressure plasma arrays 
                using direct jet-to-jet coupling e ect", Sung O-Kim, Clemson University
8:50         Controlling micro-discharge electron energy distributions with surface 
                emission processes", David Go, University of Notre Dame
9:15         Large arrays of microcavity and microchannel plasmas for photonic 
                applications", Sung-Jin Park, University of Illinois

9:40        Refreshment Break

Session 5: Applications and Fabrication
10:00        Microplasmas: Ozone Generation to Emerging Technology", Jose 
                 Lopez, Seton Hall University
10:25        Bio-medical applications of atmospheric air plasmas - new 
                 possibilities for infection control in the developing world", Machala 
                 Zdenko, UC-Berkeley
10:50        Plasma endoscopy using optical bers for bio-medical applications", 
                 Sung O-Kim, Clemson University

11:10        Discussion and Lunch

1:30          Close Workshop