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Stinson-Remick Hall

Stinson-Remick HallUndergraduate education and research initiatives are perhaps the most easily viewed in the newest engineering structure, Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering. It features an expanded, centrally located learning center, the McCourtney Learning Center, that is nearly four times the size of the experimental center that was originally located in Cushing Hall. The building also houses the Center for Nano Science and Technology, with its associated nano- and micro-device fabrication and processing facilities, and the Notre Dame Energy Center. Key laboratories of the Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics Initiative at Notre Dame and the U.S. Department of Energy sponsored Energy Frontier Research Center focusing on the materials science of actinides are also housed here.

The building was named Stinson-Remick Hall in honor of principal benefactors Kenneth and Ann Stinson and Jack and Mary Ann Remick. Stinson is a 1964 Notre Dame graduate and a member of the Board of Trustees. Jack Remick, a 1959 graduate, is a member of the University's advisory council for the College of Engineering and a gift from Mary Ann Remick created an endowment for visiting fellows at Notre Dame's Center for Ethics and Culture.

The learning center is named in honor of major benefactors Ted and Tracy McCourtney. A 1960 Notre Dame graduate, Ted McCourtney is an emeritus member of the Board of Trustees.