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Graduate Programs

Graduate Studies in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Anachoic ChamberThe Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering offers Ph.D. and master's degrees as well as a program leading to combined Master's of Engineering (M.E.M.E.) and Juris Doctor (J.D.) degrees.

Ph.D. degree requirements:

The Ph.D. degree requires the student to complete 13 formal courses in engineering, science, and mathematics, which the student selects in consultation with their academic advisor.

A written document and oral qualifying exam is administered prior to the fourth semester. Passing the qualifying exam results in the formal admission of the student to the Ph.D. program. An oral candidacy exam is completed after approximately three years of study. Completion of the candidacy exam advances the student to the status of Ph.D. candidate. Finally, a written dissertation and formal defense are required for completion of the degree.

Consult the Graduate Studies Handbook for detailed degree requirements. 

Master's of Science degree requirements:

Two programs of study are available for the Master's of Science degree. Plan I involves a formal research component with a written thesis. Plan II is a course work only program, although a research or design project with a project report is required. In general, student's are encouraged to follow Plan I.

Plan I (thesis) requires the student to complete 30 credits, with 18 credits coming from formal coursework. Six credits of directed research and six thesis credits complete the requirements.

Plan II (non-thesis) requires completion of 24 credits of formal coursework and 6 credits of independent study or directed research.

The final examination in both cases is oral. A written thesis (Plan I) describing original research or a written project report (Plan II) describing a design or research project is required. The student will orally defend or present the thesis or project.

Consult the Graduate Studies Handbook for detailed degree requirements.

Master of Engineering/Juris Doctor (Law School, Dual Degree Combination)