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AME Graduate Organization (AMEGO)

What is the AME Graduate Organization (AMEGO)?
The Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Graduate Organization (AMEGO) is a group consisting of all AME graduate students within the department. There are no membership dues; the support for AMEGO comes from the department and student activities fee each graduate student pays to the university. All graduate students in the AME department are automatically members of AMEGO.

What are the goals of AMEGO?
AMEGO’s goals are

    * to facilitate and organize social events for AME graduate students,
    * to aid in the recruitment of new graduate students,
    * to provide a forum for the expression of student opinion

How is AMEGO different from the GSU?
The Graduate Student Union (GSU) is the student government organization for all grad students at Notre Dame. They interact with the administration of the university to cover larger topics such as student health care and quality of life. AMEGO is only for the students in the AME Department to provide a forum for expression of opinion from the department students to the GSU, organize department activities, and interact with prospective AME students.