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Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
For the 2017 - 2018 Academic Year
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A. Academic Integrity

In questions involving academic integrity the student is referred to the general policy found in the Graduate School Bulletin of Information.

The department expects all students to maintain and promote the highest standards of personal honesty and professional integrity. These standards apply to examinations, assigned papers, projects and preparation of the thesis or dissertation. Violation of these standards, which includes, but is not limited to cheating in examinations, plagiarism and fraudulent practices in conducting research or reporting the results of such research, may result in suspension or dismissal.

Within the department, primary authority for judgment and decision on matters of academic integrity lies with the course instructor for issues, which arise in the classroom, or the faculty research advisor for issues that arise in research. Unsettled disputes should be referred first to the director of graduate studies and next to the department chair each of whom can serve as arbiters at the department level. Any further appeal should be directed to the Graduate School.

B. Faculty

Please view the linked pdf for the current AME faculty roster [ AME FACULTY ]

C. Graduate Course Offerings

Please view the linked pdf for the 2016-17 course offerings* [ AME COURSE OFFERINGS ].

D. Medical Separation From Academic Duties For Students In The Graduate School

Students enrolled in the Notre Dame Graduate School who wish to temporarily interrupt their programs for medical reasons must make an official request to the Graduate School. Students are eligible under this policy if they have a “serious medical condition.” For purposes of this policy, “serious medical condition” means a medical condition that (1) requires multiple-day hospitalization OR (2) renders the student unable to engage in coursework and all other Graduate School-related duties for a period of at least ten (10) calendar days. Written certification by a physician that the student has a serious medical condition as defined in this policy must be submitted to the Graduate School as soon as the need is foreseen (for emergency requests). In situations involving childbirth or adoption, the Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation Policy is intended to assist graduate students who are new parents. Unlike the medical separation policy that covers any medical condition, this accommodation policy addresses a single set of circumstances: new parenthood. It is not a leave of absence; it is an accommodation. Students maintain their standing as students, are provided relief from full-time responsibilities and academic deadlines for up to one semester, and are eligible for financial support.

In all cases, regardless of the nature of the medical condition, the duration of the separation will be as certified by the physician up to a maximum of six weeks. Students may utilize this medical separation policy two non-consecutive times during their graduate studies. Should students need more than six weeks at any one time, they must withdraw from the University. Leaves of absence for one semester or more for medical or other reasons are governed by the Graduate School. 

Full-time degree-seeking students in their fifth year of study or less who are receiving financial aid from the Graduate School or external funds will receive a stipend equal to their normal stipend during their period of separation, for a maximum of six weeks paid by the Graduate School. Students will retain their tuition scholarships, access to on-campus medical facilities, and all other resources available to students during the entire separation period (up to six weeks). Students also will be deemed “continuously enrolled” at the University during the entire period of separation. 

Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant duties will cease at least during the period of separation. Students are responsible for making arrangements, through their departments, to cover their duties. Students taking classes will be required to make arrangements with individual course instructors for completion of any courses in progress during the leave. Students will be granted the option to re-schedule exams, extend candidacy deadlines or other deadlines not discussed herein. Students are responsible for making arrangements to reschedule exams, extend deadlines and to make up other work not discussed herein. Unlike a regular one-semester leave, time off in conjunction with this policy will count towards the students’ degree time limit of eight years and university-sponsored funding cap of five years.

E. Mathematics Elective Courses

Please view the linked pdf for the 2016-17 acceptable mathematics electives [ AME MATH ELECTIVES ].

F. Course Checklist for Candidacy Examination

Please view the linked pdf for the Candidacy Examination Checklist form [ CHECKLIST FORM ] Download online complete/savable pdf version from

G. Transfer of Credits Request

Please view the linked pdf for the Credit Transfer request form [ CREDIT TRANSFER FORM ] Download online complete/savable version from

H. Important Dates for 2017-18.

Please view the linked pdf for the department's academic year calendar [ 2017-2018 AME CALENDAR ]

I. Oral Candidacy and PhD Dissertation Defense Procedure.

Please view the linked pdf for detailed info scheduling procedures for oral candidacy examinations and dissertation defenses [ SCHEDULING PROCEDURES ]

*Current as of August 2017. Subject to change.