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Letters of Recommendation - more info:

Q: How does a recommender receive the request for a letter of recommendation?

A: The applicant must first enter the recommender's name and contact email address into a form in ApplyYourself. You may add as many as five recommenders; three are required. The recommender (or recommendation service, such as Interfolio) will receive an email providing secure access to the recommendation form and instructions to complete the recommendation electronically. Please note that as soon as a recommender is added to an application, he or she will receive this email. Applicants should only add recommenders when they are prepared for this email to be sent, and for a recommendation to be submitted for that application.

Q: Do you accept letters of recommendation from dossier services or paper letters of recommendation?

A: Graduate Admissions accepts letters of recommendation from dossier services (such as Interfolio) that have the ability to upload documents into ApplyYourself. See above for the initial process steps. Paper letters of recommendation are not accepted.

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