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30 Under 30: Kirsten Kozlovsky

Nancy Davis • DATE: July 25, 2017

30 Under 30: Kirsten Kozlovsky

Kirsten Kozlovsky

During her undergraduate studies, Kristen learned that Johnson & Johnson Corp. was looking to develop a strategy to incorporate additive manufacturing into their entire product line. One major challenge was the production of wear-resistant materials, as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene cannot be produced additively. While this technology would have applications in sectors as diverse as aerospace, automotive, energy and machining, there are currently very limited options to achieve it. As a graduate student, Kristen designed, built and programmed a selective laser sintering testbed for the special characteristics of wear-resistant materials, and has since become the driving force behind an America Makes project on reuse of powder in additive manufacturing.

Kristen is currently working with the Product Accelerator, New Zealand’s center of excellence in the field of additive manufacturing, on a Fulbright Visiting Student Researcher Award—a rare honor for an engineer. Her work with the University of Auckland and the Auckland University of Technology revolves around furthering her research on selective laser sintering of polyethylene.

“One of the best parts of SME is the society’s dedication to the profession’s future,” Schmid said in his letter. “Well, she is the future, and it is a very comforting thought.”

— Advanced Manufacturing Media, July 2017 edition of Manufacturing Engineering magazine. Read all of the 2017 30 Under 30 Profiles.

What does Kirsten do in her spare time in New Zealand? Why, bungee jump off the Auckland Bridge, of course!