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Support Staff

Administrative Staff

Fecher, Donna M.: Academic Program Administrator, Undergraduate Studies; 365 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Griffin, Carly: Administrative Assistant (Seminars/Travel); 365 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Guzowski, Patti, Administrative Assistant (Purchase Requisitions/Expense Reports); 365 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

: C-SWARM Program Manager; 117 Cushing Hall

Mason, Tamara: Grants Coordinator (Flowpac); 102 Hessert Laboratory

Neill, Melissa: Administrative Assistant (Hessert Laboratory support); 104 Hessert Laboratory

O'Connor, Nancy L.: Department Administrator; 365 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Small, Gail: Academic Program Administrator, Graduate Studies (AME & BioPhD); 365 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

: Aero-Optics Program Manager, 109 Hessert Laboratory

Technical Support Staff

Brownell, Greg A.: Microprocessor Technician; 358 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

: Lab Manager; 224 Multidisciplinary Research Building

: White Field Facilities Administrator; White Field. 100 White Field

Heyse, Eugene Jr.: Journey Level Machinist; B013 Hessert Laboratory

: Programmer; C-SWARM, 117 Cushing

Jacobsen, Terry: Machinist Technician; B013 Hessert

: Research Scientist, 117 Hessert Laboratory

: Research Scientist, C-SWARM, 117 Cushing

: Engineering Technician; 125 White Field

: Fab Lab Manager, 365 Fitzpatrick

: Engineering Technician; 125 White Field

Peters, Kevin B.: Senior Control/Automation Specialist; 108 Multidisciplinary Research Building

: Lab Technician; Multidisciplinary Research Building

Rollins, Philip: Laboratory Operations Program Manager; 141 Multidisciplinary Research Building

Sanders, Michael: Machinist Technician; B013 Hessert Laboratory