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Biomedical Science and Engineering Focus Areas

Dr. Schmid performs varied research in many aspects of manufacturing, especially in tribological applications in manufacturing.Human health has long been the subject of technological and scientific study and discovery. The life expectancy in the United States has increased by more than 50%, and the quality of life has been improved as a result of technical innovations in both science and engineering. Mechanics plays an integral role in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, by providing a framework to understand and change how whole organisms, specific tissues, or individual cells interact with the environment.

The Biomedical Engineering and Sciences group focuses on four primary areas: Orthopaedics, Cardiovascular disease, Biomaterials, and Rehabilitation engineering.  The research is aimed at understanding and treating diseases associated with aging such as osteoporosis, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Orthopaedics is a major focus, with several research programs sponsored by the three major orthopaedic companies in nearby Warsaw, Indiana. A number of graduates of the program are presently employed in the orthopaedic industry.

A full range of engineering sciences is applied to these problems, using both experimental and analytical methods. The engineering is coupled to biological studies of cellular and genetic responses. Through Notre Dame’s Adult Stem Cell Initiative, research and development of cell-based therapies that exploit the ability of adult stem cells to promote healing and modulate immune response are being explored.

The ultimate goal of biomedical research in the department is the development of devices or products that can be used to treat patients. The group holds several patents related to novel materials and devices that may have future application to clinical treatments.


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Hsueh-Chia Chang Maria Holland
David Go Glen L. Niebur
Karel Matous Timothy C. Ovaert
James M. Schmiedeler Ryan K. Roeder
Michael M. Stanisic
Steven R. Schmid
Sangpil Yoon
Pinar Zorlutuna