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Current Research of Stanislav Gordeyev

Aero-Optical Effects

Experimental investigation of optical aberrations in turbulent compressible flows for fundamental flows and around complex geometries, like side-mounted turrets at subsonic and transonic speeds;  Physical modeling of optical distortions in turbulent flows; High-speed optical wavefront measurements in transonic, supersonic and hypersonic  boundary layers, shear layers and wakes; Image blurring studies due to aero-optical effects; Flight tests; Instrumentation development.

Mitigation and Flow Control

Studies of different mitigation techniques, both passive and active, to improve the overall optical performance of airborne systems at subsonic, transonic and supersonic speeds. 

Modal Analysis and Modeling

Experimental application of POD, DMD, LSE and Wavelet techniques to investigate the topology and local dynamics of large-scale structure in turbulent flows; Modal-based low-dimensional modeling of dynamics of turbulent flows.