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Energy/Thermal Sciences Focus Areas

Dr. Go's research focuses on small scale (millimeters to nanometers) transport including microplasma generation, electrohydrodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics.Experimental and theoretical research in this area is conducted in boundary layer phenomena, chaos in fluid systems, computational fluid mechanics, detonation theory, droplet sprays, fire research, fluid-structure interaction, flow control, food processing technology, hydronics, hydrodynamic stability, industrial energy conservation, microfluid mechanics, molecular dynamics, multiphase and buoyant flows, reacting flows, turbulent flows, and solidification of liquid metals.

Areas of current focus are nanoscale heat transfer, microfluidics, combustion and heat transfer, thermodynamics, transport, bioanalytical systems, atomic and molecular physics, electromagnetic phenomena, and multiscale modeling.



Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering FacultyHessert Laboratory Faculty
David Go Thomas C. Corke
Tengfei Luo
Scott C. Morris
Joseph M. Powers Flint O. Thomas