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Welcome to the Nanomaterial Fabrication Research Lab

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Welcome to the web site of the Nanomaterial Fabrication Laboratory where Dr. Svetlana Neretina and her research team are advancing the application, understanding, and material fabrication methods for noble metal nanostructures, an extraordinary class of materials that are used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, environmental remediation, chemical synthesis, and sensing technologies.  Fabrication methods such as nanoimprint lithography, self-assembly, and solution-phase redox reactions are used in combination to define periodic arrays of complex noble metal nanostructures that collectively express the photo- and chemically active surfaces needed to prototype photovoltaic and sensing devices. These same nanostructures are also being investigated as catalysts for hydrogen generation and as photocatalysts capable of promoting green chemical syntheses powered by sunlight. Emphasis is also placed on the development of new instrumentation and in situ monitoring tools needed to fabricate these nanomaterials in a manner that is responsive to the scalability and throughput needs of a manufacturing setting.

Recent Highlights

Nanomaterial Fabrication Lab demonstrates Superconductivity at 2018 Science Alive

Trevor_Arin Science Alive2

February 3rd 2018. Trevor Demille and Arin Preston demonstrate levitation at Science Alive organized by Notre Dame Energy Center.

Eric Menumerov gives a talk at 253rd ACS meeting in San Francisco, CA

Eric ACS SanFrancisco3

April 3rd  2017. Eric Menumerov presents his Nano Letter paper at the Spring 2017 ACS meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Nanomaterial Fabrication Lab demonstrates hydrogen generation at 2017 Science Alive

Science Alive Eric hydrogen3

February 4th  2017. Eric Menumerov demonstrates "Portable Hydrogen Gas Generator" at Science Alive organized by Notre Dame Energy Center.

Will and Nat Watkins are announced as semifinalists in the Siemens Competition

Will and Nat Watkins science fair

October 2016.Nathaniel and William Watkins have been announced as semifinalists in the Siemens Competition, the nation's premier competition in math, science and technology for high school students, for their project entitled "The Photocatalytic Properties of Cubic Nanostructures of Noble Metals".

Spencer Golze receives his Masters degree at the 2016 Summer Commencement 

Spencer Golze graduation

May 2016. Spencer Golze (center) after the graduation ceremony.

Custom-built reaction chamber

Reaction Chamber Senior Design

December 2015. Senior Design "Nano Solutions" team (Carmen Carachilo, Martin Devlin, Hyunhee Lee and Will Poskitt) constructed the reaction chamber equipped with motorized syringe pumps.

Undergraduate Summer Research in Dr. Neretina's Lab

Carrigan Braun

Undergraduate student Carrigan L Braun (left) is working with a graduate student Maryam Hajfathalian (right).

Kyle D. Gilroy joins Dr. Younan Xia group as a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology

Kyle Gilroy

July 2015. Kyle D. Gilroy received a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship at the Georgia Institute of technology.

Microwave Plasma Reactor

Plasma Reactor

April 2013. Senior Design team (Zack Eskin, Stephen Ng, Jason Martin, Matt Bruns) constructed the microwave plasma reactor.