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2016 World Biomaterials Congress in Montreal

Pictured (left to right): Irimata, McGinnity, Hunckler, Nallathamby, Curtis

2014 Group Photo

Pictured (left to right): (top row) Nallathamby, Stedge, Hunckler, Baumann, (bottom row) Meagher, Cole, Iliff, McGinnity, Irimata, McGinnity, Hunckler, Nallathamby, Curtis, Best

2012 Group Photos

Pictured (left to right): (top row) Baumann, Conrad, Turnbull, Meagher, (bottom row) Merrill, Cole

Pictured (left to right): Baumann, Cole, Graeme Spence, Turnbull, Merrill, Heather Turnbull, Lisa Roeder, Tilley 

2008 Group Photo

Pictured (left to right): (top row) Deuerling, Ross, Conrad, Landrigan, (bottom row) Leone (holding Eliana), Cole, Hoppert (holding Zachary), Kane, Converse

2006 Group Photo (and close packed atoms demonstration)

Pictured (left to right): (top row) Rogel, Ross, (middle row) Meagher, Landrigan, Leng, (bottom row) Zhang, Deuerling, Converse, Yue