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Spring 2019 Seminar Series

Dr. Kevin Lynch

Northwestern University

Motion Planning and Control for Robot and Human Manipulation

April 25, 2019Kevin Lynch Image

Dr. Vigor Yang

Georgia Institute of Technology

High-Fidelity Engineering Design Innovation for Aerospace Systems

Midwest Aerospace

April 24, 2019Vigor Yang Image

Dr. Devesh Ranjan

Georgia Institute of Technology

Turbulent Mixing in Shock-driven Variable-density Flow

April 23, 2019Devesh Ranjan Image

Dr. Detlef Lohse

University of Twente

Bubble Puzzles

Midwest Mechanics

April 17, 2019Detlef Lohse Image

Dr. Pramod Reddy

University of Michigan

Energy Transfer in Nanoscale Gaps and Atomic Junctions

April 9, 2019Pramod Reddy Image

Dr. Venkat Raman

University of Michigan

Towards Computational Modeling of Rare Events in Turbulent Combustion

April 2, 2019Venkat Raman Image

Dr. Deyu Li

Vanderbilt University

Probing Nanoscale Transport Phenomena for Engineering Applications

March 19, 2019Deyu Li Image

Dr. Shyni Varghese

Duke University

Physicochemical Properties of Extracellular Matrix: Key to Function, Clue to Mechanism

March 5, 2019Shyni Varghese Image

Dr. Kyle Smith

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Can Battery Materials Make Saltwater Drinkable?

February 26, 2019Kyle Smith Image

Dr. Peter Yingxiao Wang

University of California San Diego

Molecular Imaging and Cellular Reprogramming in Immuno-engineering

February 19, 2019Peter Wang Pic

Dr. Scott Retterer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Exploring the Plant-Microbe Interface, Emerging Techniques for Controlling and Monitoring Dynamic Changes in Developing Multi-kingdom Systems

February 12, 2019Scott Retterer Headshot

Dr. Mary Elting

North Carolina State University

Building the Mitotic Spindle: Mechanical Redundancy to Ensure Functional Robustness

February 5, 2019Mary Elting headshot

Dr. Emil Sandoz-Rosado

Army Research Laboratory

The Design of Two-dimensional Polymers with High Stiffness, Strength, and Toughness from Monolayer to Bulk High-performance Films

January 22, 2019Emil Sandoz-Rosado