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Fall 2019 Seminar Series

Dr. Kristy Schlueter-Kuck

Brown University

Coherent Pattern Identification in Networks and Communities

September 3, 2019Kristy Schlueter-Kuck photo

Dr. Bolin Liao

University of California, Santa Barbara

Development of Computational and Experimental Tools to Understand Transport and Interaction of Microscopic Energy Carriers

September 10, 2019Bolin Liao photo

Dr. Chris Clouse

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Simulation Capabilities in Support of the Weapons Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

September 17, 2019Chris Clouse photo

Dr. Ellen Arruda

University of Michigan

Experimental Characterization, Constitutive Modeling, and Computational Simulations of the Soft Tissues of the Knee

September 25, 2019Ellen Arruda Photo