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Spring 2019 Seminar Series

Dr. Peter Yingxiao Wang

Molecular Imaging and Cellular Reprogramming in Immuno-engineering

February 19, 2019Peter Wang Pic

Dr. Scott Retterer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Exploring the Plant-Microbe Interface, Emerging Techniques for Controlling and Monitoring Dynamic Changes in Developing Multi-kingdom Systems

February 12, 2019Scott Retterer Headshot

Dr. Mary Elting

North Carolina State University

Building the Mitotic Spindle: Mechanical Redundancy to Ensure Functional Robustness

February 5, 2019Mary Elting headshot

Dr. Emil Sandoz-Rosado

Army Research Laboratory

The Design of Two-dimensional Polymers with High Stiffness, Strength, and Toughness from Monolayer to Bulk High-performance Films

January 22, 2019Emil Sandoz-Rosado