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2012-13 Seminar Archives

Fall 2012 Seminar Series

Ateshian, G. A. Mitxture Framework for Modeling Continuum Mechanics of Growth in Biological Tissues and Cells 11/27/2012
Colonius, T. Wave Packets and Turbulent Jet Noise 10/31/2012
Fisher, T. S. Turning Nanoscience into Nanotechnology Through Interface Engineering 10/09/2012
Frecker, M. Optimal Design of Contact-Aided Complaint Mechanisms 10/02/2012
Gaitonde, D. V. Large-Eddy Simulations to Understand Flow Control with Small Perturbations 09/18/2012
Good, M. T. What's Next for NASA? 11/08/2012
Govindjee, S. Application of Statistical Mechanics in Thermo-Mechanics and its Effects on Free-Energy Structure 09/26/2012
Jasiuk, I. Multiscale Characterization and Modeling of Bone 08/28/2012
Kushner, M. J. Low Temperature Plasmas and Surfaces: Microelectronics, Sterilization, Endoscopy and Printer Engines 12/04/2012
Lynch, J. P. Nanoengineered Thin Films for Structural Health Monitoring 11/06/2012
Visbal, M. R. Flow Structure and Unsteady Loading on Maneuvering Wings 09/04/2012
Zohdi, T. I. Modeling and Simulation of New Materials for Energy-Related Applications 10/23/2012

Spring 2013 Seminar Series

Amini, R. Biomechanics of Soft Tissue From Macro to Micro Levels 02/26/2013
Boerckel, J. D. Biomaterial, Biomechanical and Biological Regulation of Tissue Regeneration 03/07/2013
Botros, B. B. Land to Air: Energy Efficiency Improvements in Power Plants and Jet Engines 03/26/2013
Coletti, F. Medical Imaging as a Tool for Investigating Engineering Flows 02/05/2013
Deans, T. L. Engineering Biomaterials and Tissues to Control Synthetic Gene Networks 02/22/2013
Deng, X. Active Control of Asymmetric Vortices-Induced Wing-Rock Using Micro Tip Perturbation 02/19/2013
Duarte, C. A. The Generalized Finite Element Method as a Framework for Multiscale Structural Analysis 02/22/2013
Hanson, R. K. Laser-Based Diagnostics for Combustion and Propulsion: Absorption and Fluorescence 04/30/2013
Jewell, J. Hypervelocity Boundary Layer Transition: Characterization and Control Via Nonequilibrium Thermochemistry 04/10/2013
Jumper, E. J. Direct Examination of the Shroud of Turin 01/29/2013
Lasheras, J. C.  The Role of Myosin II Motors and F-Actin Dynamics in the Mechanics of Cell Migration and Invasion 04/24/2013
Liu, X. Vortex-Corner Interactions in a Cavity Shear Layer Elucidated by Time Resolved Measurements of the Pressure Field 04/08/2013
Maldonado, V. Sustainable Aerodynamic Systems 03/05/2013
Ramesh, K. T. Rocks, Shocks and Asteroids 04/03/2013
Shaqfeh, E. S. G. The Microhydrodynamics of Vesicles, Vesicle Suspensions, and Blood 04/23/2013
Song, J. W. Biomechanical Regulation of Blood Vessel Formation: Insights Using Microscale Technology 02/28/2013
Stewart, J. R.  Enabling Science-Based Predictions Through Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification 02/12/2013
Sun, W. Non-Equilibrium Plasma-Assisted Combustion for Advanced Energy Conversion and Propulsion 01/31/2013