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Advising Information

Each student is ultimately responsible for completing the requirements of the program in which he/she is enrolled. However, information and advising are available.

Departmental Academic Advising

Each student has a faculty advisor, and the list is posted under the links below. Students should meet with their advisor to discuss their proposed schedule of courses before each semester and obtain a PIN before registration. The students are strongly encouraged to prepare a course plan for their full 4-year program prior to the meeting with their advisor. The role of the academic advisor is not only to help the student navigate through the course requirements but also to provide long-term career counseling and guidance.

Administrative Matters

Many of the questions that students have related to courses and the degree programs are administrative, and for these they can consult the Undergraduate Studies Administrative Assistant, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the Associate Chair of the Department, or the Director of Academic Affairs for Engineering.

Advising for Professional Schools

There are annual meetings with students who are interested engineering graduate school as well as professional schools like law, medicine and business.