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Study Abroad

Academic-Year Programs

Students who study abroad in the academic year generally do so during the fifth or sixth semester; A few go for the entire junior year.  The following are the places at which the University of Notre Dame has established programs.

For additional information on a specific program, please speak with your adviser or the AME Department Director of Undergraduate Studies and visit the Notre Dame International Study Abroad website: https://international.nd.edu/education-abroad/study-abroad/.

Summer Programs

The College of Engineering offers programs in: Alcoy, SpainLondon, England, Shenzhen, China, and  Rome, Italy.  Other options are available each summer through Notre Dame International Study Abroad.

Application Procedure

The administrative procedure for applications is as follows:

  1. Apply through Notre Dame International Study Abroad.
  2. Complete the AME Department's "Study Abroad Proposed Course Plan" form which can be obtained in the AME office, 365 Fitzpatrick Hall.
  3. Meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss proposed plan and have it approved.
  4. Meet with the College of Engineering's Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs to obtain final approval on plan of study.

Zero-Credit Courses

Sometimes it may not be possible to find a course at a given university abroad exactly equivalent to one offered on campus. In this case, and at the discretion of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, students may be required upon return to take zero-credit self-study courses to compensate for the topics not covered abroad.