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Advising Information

Faculty Advisors are the best resource for general, “big picture” discussions:

Students are expected to meet with their assigned Faculty Advisor at least one time each semester. You can find your advisor's name from Graduation Progress System (GPS). Here is link to AME faculty page.


The AME Web Page is the best resource for:


The Directors of Undergraduate Studies (Prof. Goodwine or Prof. Wang) are the best resource for specifics about the AE or ME major:

  • Non-standard major planning

    • Consequences of dropping courses, particularly required courses

    • Consequences of switching into/out of an AME major sophomore year or later

    • Transfer, 3-2 students

    • Planning for International Studies, except summer

    • Dual degree programs

    • Minors

    • Pre-professional students

    • Course substitutions

    • Advice on transfer credit for courses taken at another institution

  • Graduate fellowship opportunities

  • What, if anything, can be double-counted for various types of requirements

  • University and College degree requirements

  • CPT/OPT issues


The Undergraduate Program Administrative Assistant (Ms. Donna Fecher) is the best resource for:

  • Directions on when and how to initiate eForms to:

    • Add or drop a class

    • Change majors, including adding a minor or concentration to existing major

  • Clarification and confirmation of information on the AME Web Page


The Assistant Dean for Advising and Academic Affairs (Dean Mike Ryan) is the best resource for:

  • Issues related to academic probation or dismissal

  • Course withdrawal after drop date

  • Leaves of absence from University

  • Course overload approval (19+ credit hours/semester)

  • S/U grading approval


Other Resources: