Yanliang Zhang receives International Thermoelectric Society 2020 Young Investigator Award

Yanliang Zhang

Yanliang Zhang, associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, has been named the 2020 International Thermoelectric Society Young Investigator.

The award recognizes his innovative work on additive manufacturing and scalable nanomanufacturing for flexible thermoelectric materials and devices.

Zhang directs the Advanced Manufacturing and Energy Lab. His research focuses on additive and nanomanufacturing of multifunctional and multiscale devices, thermal science and thermoelectric energy conversion, advanced sensors, and flexible electronics. His most recent projects target the development of flexible thermoelectric energy harvesters that convert waste heat into electricity, advanced sensors, and wearable devices.

Zhang’s work is funded by the National Science Foundation CAREER program, U.S. Department of Energy, and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

He joined the Notre Dame faculty in 2017 and is a participating faculty member of Notre Dame Nanoscience and Technology, the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame, and the Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics Initiative.

— Nina Welding, College of Engineering