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GMiS Class of 2016 HENAAC Scholars

Katherine Ramos

Doctoral student Katherine Ramos awarded $10,000 Intel Foundation Scholarship.

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Guided by a Saint

How Mother Teresa and a Holy Cross priest helped send two brothers on a life-altering journey from Calcutta to the University of Notre Dame.

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Notre Dame Research Is Working with Manufacturers to Minimize Warping in Metal-printed Parts

nwelding • Date: October 6, 2016

Three-dimensional printing, also known as additive manufacturing, isn’t just for plastics. In fact, Notre Dame researchers are working to 3D print a number of items, including metal orthopedic implants.

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Out of This World - Dava Newman’s meteoric rise from Notre Dame to NASA

Dava Newman (Photos by Douglas Sonders)

Hanging by the door in Dava Newman’s office at NASA is the framed image of a boot print on Mars. Newman sees the orange-red imprint every morning when she arrives and every night when she leaves. It is a kind of icon, a symbol and a reminder, of her professional mission.

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Associate Professor James Schmiedeler,

James Schmiedeler, associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering at the University of Notre Dame, builds and conducts research with biped robots. He’s quick to point out that physical therapy experience is conspicuously absent from his CV, but as an engineer, he sees parallels.

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